The Best Fictional Journalists, Reporters, and Newscasters

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Fictional journalists can be from TV or movies

Check out this list of fictional journalists who starred in popular TV shows or movies! On this list, you’ll find memorable reporters and newsmen and women who brought us the most cutting edge fictional news, ranging from 1958 (you go, Doris Day!) all the way up to the present. Be it a TV drama series, an action-packed movie, or a comical cartoon, we’ve found all your favorite fictional newscasters, journalists, and reporters and now you get to rank them to determine which you wish hosted the news in real life. 

The journalist’s character is like a stealthy fox; they’re either being hunted by some larger force or they’re digging up dirt on the characters we love. Journalists, whether good or evil, always make things more interesting! A good fictional journalist is intriguing, slightly deceiving, and always looking for an angle. And despite the fact that they’re akin to slimey C-list detectives, we can’t help but love them as characters!

Historically, journalists provide tension and unpredictable twists to plot progression. Whether they play the antagonist or protagonist, the fictional journalist creates conflict, propelling the story and keeping us engaged. They can be funny and light-hearted, like the beloved Perd Hapley, or they can be driven by a challenge or purpose, like Phil Connors from the classic Groundhog Day.

So who played the ultimate journalist or reporter characters? Upvote your favorites below, or add the fictional newscasters you think are the best, if they aren't already listed.

Most divisive: Perd Hapley
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