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The Best Fictional Libraries In Pop Culture

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The word library may not scream excitement, but some of the most impressive film, TV, and book settings are often libraries. When the greatest libraries in fiction are depicted on-screen, they can be simply breathtaking. And whether or not you're a nerd, there are probably a ton of fictional libraries you want to visit. (Fortunately, many are set in real, beautiful libraries, like the New York Public Library, so you actually can.) 

While you may never be able to experience libraries from books firsthand, the next best thing is seeing them artfully recreated in your favorite movies and shows. There is certainly no shortage of libraries in fantasy, but there are actually pretty cool libraries in more mainstream properties - even The Breakfast Club had a beautiful one.

These are the best fictional libraries to ever grace the screen. Ironically, there's almost no reading ahead, so peruse the images at ease.

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