The Greatest Fictional Magicians of All Time

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While there exist plenty of real life famous magicians, there's a limit to things that can be done in real life and that's where the greatest fictional magicians of all time come in. Their magic tricks are sensational, their assistants are incredibly hot women (and Steve Buscemi), and their hair is to die for. These famous fictional magicians and illusionists are the stuff that great magic movies are made of, and all the best fake magicians are here.

Whether you prefer the over-the-top antics of a Magician Called GOB or the come hither tricks of Barney Stinson, there are plenty of movie and TV magicians (as well as others from comics, novels, and even advertising) to satisfy your magic trick needs.

This list of magicians in pop culture is here to crown the ultimate fictional illusionist or magician and name them the best magician that never was. Vote for your favorite fake magician and, if your choice for top illusionist that doesn't exist isn't on the list, make sure to add them so others can obsess over magic shows that exist only in the mind (and screen).

If you're seeking some magical inspiration right now, have a look at the greatest magicians of all time and the best magician movies.

Most divisive: Barney Stinson
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