Fictional Sports You Most Wish You Could Play

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Vote up the sports that, though totally fictional, you would totally have begged your parents to sign you up for.

Did you play tee-ball as a child? That's nice but honestly who cares at all when fictional sports like Quidditch, Pyramid, and Flonkerton exist (at least in our hearts and minds). You've seen them all in your favorite works of fiction, TV shows, movies, and even video games. You know exactly which position you'd try out for (Seeker, hello). You're ready to go up against the best of the best. Now all we need is for these best fake sports to exist in real life. Surely Tesla will figure out Pod Racers someday, right?

The fun fictional games on this list are some of the most creative - and at times ridiculous - competitions ever invented. Movie and TV show sports are crafted by quick-witted writers to add another layer of intrigue to fictional universes. Whether it came to them in a dream (or a nightmare) or was thought up by a bunch of nerds around the writers' table, the creators of these games birthed something legendary in our hearts and on the screen.

"But wait," you are shouting. Some passionate fans have brought these sports from fiction into the real world. Yes, okay, there's a whole US Quidditch league playing the magical game around the country (they even have a vision statement!), but the likes of Jiggly Ball and Parisses Squares have not yet reached the mainstream. Perhaps if devoted fans of literature, comedy, science fiction, and all the other genres that have inspired the fun fictional sports below come together, we can make our dreams a reality.

Which fictional sports are the best? Which of these are you suiting up for in your mind's eye right this very moment? Vote them up below and maybe one day, if we can get enough votes, the powers that be will take notice and we will all meet up for a friendly game of Death Race. See you then.

Most divisive: Flonkerton
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  • BASEketball
    45 votes


  • Quidditch
    68 votes


    Harry Potter

  • Pod Racing
    62 votes

    Pod Racing

    Star Wars

  • Calvinball
    30 votes


    Calvin and Hobbes

  • Tron
    42 votes

    Tron: Legacy 

  • Death Race
    22 votes

    Death Race