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The Best Fictional Therapists

List RulesCharacters who are employed as therapists in movies or on TV shows. Upvote the ones you'd pay to solve your problems.

Therapists get a bad rap. Oftentimes they're portrayed as fiendish villains bent on corrupting a protagonist through the film (Dark City, Jacob's Ladder, Red Dragon). Other times they're the comedic relief, there to help us deal with the situations at hand, like a real therapist. Other times they are an expert who drives the plot forward like on procedural shows (Law & Order, CSI, The West Wing). And every so often they are the lead, or one of the leads, and that either just so happens to be their job (Casper) or we are with them on the journey of being a therapist (Frasier, Analyze This, Silver Linings Playbook).

Whatever the case may be, there have been so many fantastic fictional therapists that we've decided to make a list of the very best! Be it film or TV these are the therapists who have lived on our screens and helped us feel comfortable (or uncomfortable) on their couch!

Vote up the therapist characters and fictional psychiatrists on whose couch you'd just love to talk about your daddy issues.
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