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Every Fight From The U.A. Sports Festival In MHA, Ranked Best to Worst

The UA Sports Festival isn't your typical anime sports festival - it's a full-on tournament in which would-be heroes display their skills in the hopes of courting pro heroes who will hire them for internships. 

Some of these fights are among the best moments in all of My Hero Academia, but others don't really stand out. This list features all of them, from epic battles like the emotional fight between Shoto Todoroki and Izuku Midoriya, to fights that are funny but forgettable, like the one where Yuga Aoyama gets pantsed by Mina Ashido's acid attack. 

Vote up the best fights in the UA Sports Festival, and vote down the ones that don't measure up. 

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    Izuku Midoriya vs. Shoto Todoroki

    Photo: Studio Bones

    During this battle, Izuku Midoriya displays his heroism by showing that what's truly important to him isn't winning but helping others. He has a tough time dealing with Shoto Todoroki's gigantic walls of ice at first, and has to repeatedly break his own bones in order to deal with them. But he soon notices that Shoto's body can't compensate for the drop in temperature that occurs when he starts generating a ton of ice. He realizes that if Shoto continues to refuse to use his fire half, he'll probably be able to beat him - but that's not what he wants.

    He insists that Shoto not throw away a victory that he's capable of, and fight with his full potential. He assures him that he isn't giving in to his father's demands, he's owning the strength that belongs to him. This persuades Shoto to finally activate his fire half, resulting in a loss for Izuku. 

    While Izuku recovers in the hospital, he apologizes to All Might for losing, but All Might assures him that he did the right thing. Meanwhile, Shoto turns down an offer to work with his father, and continues to think about what Izuku said to him. 

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    Katsuki Bakugo vs. Ochaco Uraraka

    Because Katsuki Bakugo is one of the strongest people in the competition, most people don't think Ochaco stands a chance against him. But Ochaco is determined to try her best to defeat him on her own, and refuses Izuku's help with coming up with a strategy. 

    The fight itself is a tough one. Bakugo sends out a volley of explosions, while Ochaco tries to fake him out with quick movements, and manipulate the gravity of pieces of debris to launch them at Bakugo. 

    Though the audience boos Bakugo for going so hard against a cute defenseless girl, their teacher Aizawa says that if Bakugo underestimates Ochaco, he's not just being disrespectful, he's also putting himself at a disadvantage: Ochaco is powerful, and he only defeats her by putting some serious effort in. 

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    Katsuki Bakugo vs. Shoto Todoroki

    The final fight of the tournament is between Katsuki Bakugo and Shoto Todoroki. Shoto attempts to encase Bakugo in a wall of ice, while Bakugo lets off explosion after explosion. But Bakugo isn't satisfied with Shoto's ice-based attacks - he wants him to let loose and use his fire half like he did with Izuku. Though Shoto nearly ignites his flames, he ultimately doesn't go through with it because he's too distracted with concerns about his family and the path that he should take. Bakugo takes the opportunity to blast apart the stadium with his Howitzer Impact technique, which destroys Shoto's ice and sends him flying out of bounds.  

    In the end, Bakugo isn't really satisfied with the outcome, because Shoto relied solely on his ice half. Believing that Shoto didn't take him seriously enough to put in a real effort, he's enraged. He's so angry that he has to be restrained while they're giving him his award! 

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    Izuku Midoriya vs. Hitoshi Shinso

    Hitoshi Shinso's Brainwashing quirk is both powerful and frightening - he can force another person to do his bidding with mind control. This led to many people assuming that he'd become a villain, not a hero - a problem that makes him enormously jealous of Izuku Midoriya, whose quirk is seemingly quite heroic. As Hitoshi berates Izuku for not understanding what he's going through, Izuku relates, hard - he spent his whole childhood with no quirk at all. But while he's feeling empathy, he's also doing his level best to break the brainwashing, which he accomplishes by breaking his own fingers to snap himself out of it. Breaking the brainwashing gives him the opportunity to toss Hitoshi out of bounds and win the match. 

    After the fight, they have a brief conversation about why Hitoshi wants to be a hero. Izuku can't comfort Hitoshi or express solidarity, because the nature of his own quirk is a secret. 

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