The Best Active Figure Skaters in the World

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The top active figure skaters currently competing

The best active figure skaters in the world come from every corner of the globe. Some of these current figure skaters have already made their mark, while some of them are just beginning to rise to their potential. Regardless of their gender or nationalities, these great figure skaters are the ones to watch in the coming years. 

Many of the best figure skaters on this list competed in the 2014 Olympic Winter Games, which were held in Sochi, Russia. Florent Amodio, a two-time champion at the French Figure Skating Championships, competed in the 2014 Games. Although he didn’t win a medal, his past record makes him a skater to watch in the future. Gracie Gold’s Olympic performance was equally amazing. She didn’t earn a medal in ladies’ singles, but everyone is keeping their eyes on her for future Olympic Games. 

Like many world events, the 2014 Olympics were subject to controversy, and figure skating was no exception. The winner of the ladies’ singles gold medal, Adelina Sotnikova, won by a relatively large point margin, leading many to claim that the judging was biased in favor of the Russian skater. Whether the claim has any basis, Sotnikova and her fellow competitors all gave sterling performances, earning themselves the right to be called the best figure skaters in the world.

Some of the best figure skaters are young and will continue to compete for years, while others are reaching the end of amazing careers. Vote for your favorite figure skater below, and if we've left any out, be sure to add them to the list! 
Most divisive: Mao Asada