The Best Film Franchises Based On Books

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Vote up your favorite film franchises that are based on or inspired by literature, even if it is just the first film.

From stories that jump off the page to slow burners that make you contemplate the great beyond, this list includes information about the best movie franchises based on books. Some film franchises based on novels stay true to the source material while other film franchises adapted from books create new storylines. Some of the best movie series based on books have even won Academy Awards.

What sagas will you find on this best movie franchises based on books list? Jurassic Park has to be near the top. Michael Crichton's 1990 book Jurassic Park provided the source material for Steven Spielberg's 1993 film of the same name. Four additional movies have already been produced in the franchise with more slated to be released. The Godfather Trilogy is another good film franchise based on a book.

The Lord of the Rings trilogy was one of the most successful franchise adaptations both critically and at the box office. Other good film franchises adapted from books include the Die Hard, Harry Potter, and the Bourne series.

How will we ever determine which franchise adaptation is the best? Help us decide by voting up your favorites and please add any good movie series based on books we may have missed.