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The Most Memorable Portrayals Of Veterans In Film

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Films have been covering the military and veterans pretty much since the very beginning of the medium, and while hundreds of great movies have been made about wars, conflicts, and battles, many don't do a great job of detailing the true lives of American veterans. More often than not, a veteran isn't the main focus of war films - it's the conflict that gets the top billing in most movies of the genre. Every now and again, though, a movie comes along that truly details the accomplishments of these brave men and women.

That's not to say every soldier, sailor, airman, or marine depicted on the screen is a hero, but for the characters who are played particularly well, it hardly matters. What does matter is that these men and women (whether they are real people, completely fictional, or an amalgamation of several historical figures) sacrificed to fight for what they thought was right. When Hollywood gets these depictions right, the movies stand apart as masterpieces of the genre.

The following depictions of veterans in film are some of the best.

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