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The Best Movie Soundtracks of 2017

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Movie soundtracks are not just supplementary to the films they score; they're works of art all their own. Artists and bands are chosen to complement the film's underlying tone and form a cohesive album. Each year, film soundtracks receive a great deal of hype and often garner critical acclaim. In 2017, a number of popular movies were accompanied by some seriously impressive soundtracks. 

Which movie soundtracks of 2017 are the best? The second installations of the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise included both classics by Cat Stevens and George Harrison as well as songs by more modern artists like Electric Light Orchestra. The black comedy I, Tonya contains an eclectic mix of mostly classics, while Fifty Shades Darker features an original single recorded by Taylor Swift and Zayn Malik. Other good 2017 film soundtracks include Beauty and the Beast, Baby Driver, Wonder Woman, and Call Me By Your Name

Which stunning film soundtrack was the best of 2017? Vote up the best 2017 soundtracks below.

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