The 15 Greatest Final Episodes in Anime History, Ranked

Great anime don't always have great endings - but in some wonderful cases, the stories we love have endings that are just as satisfying and exciting as the rest of the series. 

What are the best final anime episodes? Everyone has their own personal favorites, but the conclusions on this list have been highly rated by multiple fans all over the Internet. They run the gamut of genres, ranging from shonen hits like Dragon Ball Super and Hunter x Hunter to romances like Toradora! and shows like The Tatami Galaxy and Welcome to the NHK that are hard to categorize.

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  • After a penultimate battle in which Edward defeats Father, then sacrifices his ability to perform alchemy in order to retrieve his brother's body, the last episode is dedicated to tying up loose ends and setting the characters on their paths into the future. Edward and Winry have the world's most awkwardly adorable confession and get together, Roy Mustang starts working to make up for Amestris' treatment of the Ishvalan people, Alphonse heads to Xing to learn alkahestry, and even Pride seems to be doing alright. It's an ending that makes the previous 64 episodes feel totally worthwhile. 

  • Re: - 'Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2'
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    In the last stretch of Code Geass, it looks like the formerly idealistic revolutionary is veering totally off the rails into villain territory. But in the end, Lelouch pulls it all together with a dramatic sacrifice. In order to give the people a singular figure to unite against, and a single hero to rally behind, he has his friend Suzaku dress up as Lelouch's alter ego Zero, and publicly assassinate him. It's brutal, but it works - and it cements Lelouch's place as one of the most complex and fascinating anime heroes ever. 

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    Future Time - 'Assassination Classroom'

    Future Time - 'Assassination Classroom'
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    After an absolutely devastating penultimate episode in which Koro-sensei reveals his true intentions and says goodbye to class 3-E, the last episode follows the kids into the future. We get to see them carrying out the lessons that Koro-sensei taught them, whether that means working for the government, joining the sciences, or becoming teachers themselves. It's a lovely moment of reflection and a fitting way to say goodbye to the cast, without veering into excessive sentimentality. 

  • If you like sobbing uncontrollably, Your Lie in April might be one of your favorite final episodes. After Kaori's surgery proves unsuccessful, Kosei still has to go ahead and perform without her. He has the performance of a lifetime, imagining that she's by his side playing violin.

    He also learns that she always loved him, and had only pretended to be interested in Watari so that she could get closer to him.

    Now, it's too late for the two of them to be together, but Kosei will always have his memories with her - and he still has his friends standing by his side.