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The Best Songs From Every Final Fantasy Soundtrack

Updated April 28, 2020 2.6k votes 166 voters48 items

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When it comes to enchanting video game songs, it doesn’t get much better than Final Fantasy. As one of the longest-standing video game franchises of all time, the best Final Fantasy songs are both gut-wrenching and epic. From The Prelude, the quintessential FF song that has been reimagined and covered over hundreds (if not thousands) of times, to the powerful "Omnis Lacrima" ballad from Final Fantasy 15, this list ranks all the best Final Fantasy songs from Mystic Quest to today. 

Whether you think "Aerith's Theme" in Final Fantasy 7 was the single greatest video game song ever written or still love listening to "Terra’s Theme" from FFVI all these years later, vote up all your favorite Final Fantasy songs, including the Final Fantasy VII Remake theme song "Hollow", which was actually composed by Nobuo Uematsu.

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