The 21 Greatest Final Battles In Marvel Movies, Ranked

If there's one thing pretty much every fan can agree on when it comes to Marvel movies, it's that the final fights don't leave many disappointed. Even in movies that have been criticized for their relatively weak villains, a big, epic row between the good guys and the baddies is something no Marvel film is without. Sure, there are some battles throughout the movies that are almost as good, but you can't discount those epic climaxes, especially when you're talking about the ones consisting of dozens of main characters.

Some of the best fight scenes in the MCU are well known, but the movies that fall outside of Marvel's main cinematic universe shouldn't be discounted. There have been two separate Spider-Man franchises, some Punisher movies, a Blade trilogy, and many more that Marvel Studios and Disney had nothing to do with. Whatever your preference, it's hard to not be entertained by these showstopping battles that brought these incredible Marvel movies to a close.

Check out the battles below, and don't forget to give your favorites a vote up! Whichever final fight fans consider to be the best will rise to the top, and be declared the greatest final battle scene in any Marvel movie!


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    Thanos Vs. Everyone - 'Avengers: Endgame'

    The final battle in Avengers: Infinity War was certainly a sight to see, but the MCU wasn't going to take a step back for Avengers: Endgame. The final battle kicked off moments after the Hulk undid Thanos' snap. Unknown to the heroes, Nebula had helped bring Thanos from the past into the present via time travel and Pym Particles.

    His craft took position above Avengers HQ and destroyed it. The heroes managed to get out but found themselves going up against Thanos, who easily defeated Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America. Just as all seemed lost, portals began opening all-around a beaten and battered Cap, revealing every good guy in the MCU.

    The heroes lined up, and Cap said the words every fan was hoping to hear from the beginning of the MCU, "Avengers, assemble!" With those words, an epic battle broke out, the likes of which haven't been seen since The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King and maybe some biblical flicks from the early days of cinema.

    The fight involved every hero previously seen in the MCU, and that included Howard the Duck! The entire third act of the film was the final battle, and few could say it wasn't epic.

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    Thanos Vs. Everyone - 'Avengers: Infinity War'

    It's fair to say there wasn't much going on in Avengers: Infinity War that wasn't part of the final battle. After all, it took place in multiple locations, one right after the other, but that's what made it so compelling and fun to watch.

    On Thanos' homeworld, several heroes fought against the Mad Titan and nearly defeated him before Doctor Strange gave him the Time Stone to save Tony's life. Shortly after that, Thanos popped over to Wakanda to join the battle that had already raged there for most of the final act of the film.

    That battle was going well until Thanos showed up, and after he used the Time Stone to bring Vision back from the dead only to kill him by pulling the stone from his forehead, he was unstoppable with all six Infinity Stones.

    Thor attempted to defeat him, but as Thanos said, he should have gone for the head. Thanos managed to snap his fingers, and cull half of all life from existence.

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    The Battle Of New York - 'Avengers'

    The first Avengers movie was going to always have an epic final battle, and that's exactly what happened in what would become known as The Battle of New York. Having successfully opened a rift in space, Loki called forth the Chuitari, who flooded into NYC, and began establishing their foothold.

    The Avengers, previously disparate and fighting against one another, came together for the first time to stop Loki and his alien minions. The battle was waged across much of Manhattan, with several members of the team engaging individual warriors, hovercraft, and giant armored space whales.

    Ultimately, the Hulk smashed Loki, taking him down a notch, and Tony managed to fly a nuclear warhead directly through the portal and into the mothership. When the explosion destroyed the spacecraft, all warriors on Earth dropped dead, the rift closed, Iron Man fell through, and the Avengers won the day.

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    Cap Vs. Iron Man - 'Captain America: Civil War'

    The fight scene between Cap's people and Iron Man's is truly epic, but that's not the final fight in the movie. After heading to the former Soviet Union, Tony Stark learns that not only did Bucky kill both of his parents, but he also learned that Captain America knew about it for some time.

    That wasn't something he was willing to simply forgive, and the two former friends go up against one another with everything they've got. Cap also has Bucky fighting on his side, but the real fight ends up being between the two Avengers.

    Each gets the upper hand on more than one occasion, but the fight finally concludes with Cap defeating Iron Man by disabling his suit. As he walks away, Tony yells out that his father made him the shield he carried, so Cap dropped it, and walked away.

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    Thor Vs. Hela - 'Thor: Ragnarok'

    Thor and Hela go up against one another pretty hard in the throne room on Asgard at the end of Thor: Ragnarok. Thor is unable to do much damage, but Hela manages to slash her brother across the face, destroying his eye in the process.

    As the fight heads out to the balcony, Hela gets her hand around Thor's throat and gods him down, mocking him. She reminds her little brother that she's the Goddess of Death, and asks what he was the God of, which kicks off a flashback/vision of Thor and his father reminding him that he's not the God of Hammers, he's the God of Thunder.

    He reminds Hela of this with the lightning bolt to end all lightning bolts and manages to escape. Unfortunately, he didn't damage her at all, and when she shows up to finish him off, his plan comes to fruition as Surtur manifests as big as a mountain, and Hela winds up at the point of his sword as it's driven down to the heart of Asgard, destroying it.

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    The Avengers Vs. Ultron - 'Avengers: Age Of Ultron'

    One of the biggest problems with Ultron was that he managed to download his mind into numerous copies of himself. When the Avengers face off against him in the final fight of the film, they have to first defeat a literal army of his copies. As they are doing this, they are simultaneously trying to keep Sokovia from falling back into the Earth, so the stakes are high.

    The fight begins in the church with hundreds of Ultron copies going up against the heroes, and it's epic. In the meantime, across the floating city, the remnants of S.H.I.E.L.D. are working to remove every civilian they can to a helicarrier. Eventually, the combined might of every Avenger, which now includes both Wanda Maximoff and her brother, deal a deadly blow to Ultron.

    His copies are destroyed, leaving the original, larger, and more powerful version to face off against the heroes by himself. He does so but gets utterly destroyed. The film concludes with Vision finishing off the very last copy of Ultron after they have a brief conversation.