The Best Finger Foods

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List of the best finger foods, as ranked by food lovers everywhere. When you’re throwing a party, there’s a lot to be concerned about. You need to have the perfect music and ambiance in order to keep people from leaving early. But the number one key to success in any given get together is the party food. No matter what sort of party you’re throwing, finger foods are the best options. If you’re having an upscale party, sushi and lobster rolls are great finger foods that can win over your guests in a matter of minutes. An impromptu get together with your closest friends just needs some chips and dip and chicken fingers to keep them satisfied.

Whether you’re throwing a massive party or looking for affordable snacks a group can enjoy, finger foods are a versatile dining option. They’re enough to keep people’s hunger at bay without filling them up so much that they need to leave. Cheap finger foods are usually an inexpensive option, as well, so you don’t worry about needing a huge food budget for a party.

What are the top finger foods for parties? This list features foods from the classy goat cheese and stuffed figs to the more accessible, yet still fancy, alternatives like chocolate covered strawberries. If your favorite party foods aren't on the list of finger foods for get togethers, makes sure to add it.

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