The Best Finlandia Vodka Flavors

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This is a list of the best Finlandia vodka flavors, the second largest premium vodka maker and distributor in all of Europe. They sell over three million cases annually, distributing to over 130 countries over the entire globe. The strength of all Finlandia vodka flavors comes from pure glacial spring water and the quality starch from sic-row barley.

Since their inception in Scandinavia in 1970, Finlandia Vodka has won accolades for its uniquely distilled flavors. In particular, Finlandia Grapefruit, which was awarded a five-star rating from Paul Pacult’s Spirits Journal, a Double Gold medal in the 2007 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, and scored a 96-100, the highest recommendation by Wine Enthusiast Magazine.

Finlandia Vodka has long been regarded as one of the pioneer brands for flavor and taste. But all awards aside, which Finlandia flavor is the best? Which vodka flavor is the best with gummy bears? Which flavor goes well with skittles? Which vodka is the most versatile for cocktail drinks? Does the wildberry flavor mix the best with Triple Sec? Which best Finlandia vodka flavor should win the people’s choice award, rather than the critic’s choice? Determine your thoughts below by letting your clicker rank the good from the bad.
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  • Finlandia Plain

    Finlandia Plain

  • Finlandia Cranberry

    Finlandia Cranberry

  • Finlandia Raspberry

    Finlandia Raspberry

  • Finlandia Mango

    Finlandia Mango

  • Finlandia Grapefruit

    Finlandia Grapefruit

  • Finlandia Tangerine

    Finlandia Tangerine

  • Finlandia Wild Berries

    Finlandia Wild Berries

  • Finlandia Blackcurrant

    Finlandia Blackcurrant

  • Finlandia Lime

    Finlandia Lime

  • Finlandia Redberry

    Finlandia Redberry