The Best Songs For a First Dance

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The first dance for newlyweds is always special, whether it's a moment for the two lovebirds to enjoy a few minutes dancing together, or whether it's a time for them to show off their dance skills with a song that reflects their personality. Maybe you lean more towards modern music or country music for a first dance. 

If you and your better half are getting married but aren't sure which song best suits you, take a look through this list. There are some good, old favorites on this list as well as some newer standards.

Which songs are the best for a first dance? That's for the Ranker community to decide. Vote up all of your favorite songs that you think will be perfect for a first dance, and vote down the ones that you don't care for so much. Don't see a song on here that deserves a spot on this list? Feel free to add it. 

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