The Best First Date Ideas

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The best first date ideas are those activities that have the best balance between allowing two people to get to know one another a bit without being overly intimate. So if you're looking for a unique first date idea or even a cheap first date idea, browse these options or even add your ideas below!

These days, if you really want to wow your date, odds are that you'll need to select an activity a bit more interesting than dinner and a movie. That's not to say that enjoying dinner in a new cuisine or even preparing dinner at home isn't a bad first date idea. Even going a bit more casual--and brief if the sparks don't fly--is the option to meet for coffee.

But fun first dates are more than just consuming edibles and those which allow two people to participate in activities together are a great way to get to know each other. Try physical activities like ice skating or rock climbing. Take a stroll in the park or go for a hike. Learn new things together by taking a cooking or art class together or visiting the museum or aquarium.

What would be your ultimate best first date? Vote for your top first date ideas below or add any not already listed! When you're done, head over and vote for the best qualities in a woman and best qualities in a man too!
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  • Taking a Stroll in the Park
    547 votes

    Taking a Stroll in the Park

  • Watch the Sunset
    493 votes

    Watch the Sunset

  • Visiting the Museum or Aquarium
    567 votes

    Visiting the Museum or Aquarium

  • Going Out to Dinner
    587 votes

    Going Out to Dinner

  • Go Stargazing
    435 votes

    Go Stargazing

  • Having a Picnic
    475 votes

    Having a Picnic