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The 20 Best First Meetings In Anime

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The best anime couples have unique stories of how they met and fell in love. Among their beginnings are some of the best first meetings in anime. The greatest initial encounters between love interests are those that are outside the norm. They are moments that are so bizarre, you can't possibly forget it. Sometimes, they're so beautiful that they move you to tears, and other times, they're so comical you can't stop laughing.

Not all of these first encounters are the beginning of a love story. Some first meetings are the start of a significant friendship or even the development of a rivalry. First meetings are often the turning point of the plot, and may at times be shrouded in mystery for the majority of a series. They all prove that at any moment, your life could change forever. Vote up the most awesome first meetings between two characters in anime. 

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    Atsushi And Dazai - 'Bungou Stray Dogs'

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    It's not everyday you save someone from drowning and they're not happy about it, but such is the case for the kind-hearted Atsushi who spots Dazai floating downstream and pulls him to shore. Dazai's unusual response takes this encounter out of the ordinary, and simultaneously gets you intrigued about his character.

    It says a lot about both of them in just the few minutes of the series' beginning, yet you know there's so much more to learn.  

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    Hinata And Kageyama - 'Haikyuu!!'

    Sports anime are full of rivalries - it is the essence of competition, after all. Enthusiastic Hinata meets the talented Kageyama in a middle school tournament, on opposite sides of the net. What makes their meeting stand out from other series in this genre is that they begin as rivals, and very tenacious ones at that.

    This makes their eventual reunion as high school teammates that much more interesting, especially when neither of them back down from their rivalry. They begin on opposite sides of the net, but must learn to fight on the same side. A very poetic first meeting indeed.

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    Yuri And Victor - 'Yuri On Ice!!!'

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    Imagine getting so drunk you completely forget how you met your childhood idol, danced with him all night, stripped in front of him, then asked him to be your coach as you grinded on him. This is exactly the predicament of Yuri, who for most of the series wonders why Victor came to Japan to be his coach, when all along he was the one who asked him, but couldn't remember.

    This revelation put many things about their relationship into perspective, and it certainly opened up a whole new side to Yuri's personality, making it one of the most enjoyable first meetings in any anime ever. 

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    Alex Louis Armstrong And Sig Curtis - 'Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood'

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    Just two burly, strong men flexing their muscles for each other. Nothing unusual about that. When Sig Curtis lands an impressive blow on Sloth, Armstrong can't help but admire this man's strength. As if they're telepathically connected, they take turns showing off their muscles before shaking each other's hands. Then they both finish Sloth off with a double punch. Can you name a more memorable showcase of manly camaraderie?

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