Best "First of All" Tweets That Take First Place In The Humor Category

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Twitter, one of the finest sources of humor on the Internet, created another classic joke with the 'first of all' meme. The best 'first of all' Tweets require only 140 characters or less to pull their punchline, all for amusingly relatable results. Like funny Tweets about being single, hilarious 'first of all' jokes capture moments and situations familiar to anyone who deals with people and their excuses. 'First of all' jokes on Twitter make loaded statements about pop culture, going to class, and your DMs that have you slamming your thumb down on the 'favorite' button.

When it comes to 'first of all' memes on Twitter, the very best appear below. If going through these doesn't make your snort with laughter in the confines of your cubicle, first of all, you're doing it wrong.

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    Eye Examination


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    Truth Hurts


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    The Streaming Life


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    Dropping Glitter Bombs


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    New Phone, Who Dis?


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    Goodnight, Goon