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The Best Indianapolis Colts First-Round Picks In The NFL Draft

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List RulesBased only on career success with Indianapolis Colts. Only picks made during Super Bowl era (since 1967).

The Indianapolis Colts' first-round draft picks history features a who's who of legendary players, successful role players, and a few busts. Some of the best players in NFL history like Peyton Manning, Marvin Harrison, and Dwight Freeney started their careers as Colts draft picks. Busts included the likes of Jeff George and Cornelius Bennett, but the biggest mistake came when trading away John Elway after drafting him.

A couple of Super Bowl victories prove that the Colts have benefited from great draft picks, and the picks made in the first-round certainly have made the biggest impact. 

So, who has been the top first-round draft pick in the history of the Colts? The stats below reflect only players’ time spent with Indianapolis and that’s what you should consider when voting. How much did these players help the team that drafted them?

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