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The Best Jacksonville Jaguars First-Round Picks In The NFL Draft

List RulesBased only on career success with Jacksonville Jaguars. Only picks made during Super Bowl era (since 1967).

Every Jacksonville Jaguars first-round pick has played an important part in building the franchise's place in the NFL. Jacksonville joined the league in 1995 and has tried to find relevance while opposing historic and storied franchises. The best Jaguars draft picks have helped them gain momentum and new fans along the way. However, there have been poor picks that led to the team failing to win a Super Bowl yet. 

But who has been the top first-round draft pick in Jaguars history? The stats below reflect only players' time spent with Jacksonville and that's what you should consider when voting. How much did these players help the team that drafted them?

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    R. Jay Soward


    Overall selection: 29 (2000)

    13 games, 154 receiving yards (1 touchdown)