The Best Las Vegas Raiders First-Round Picks In The NFL Draft

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Based only on career success with Las Vegas Raiders. Only picks made during Super Bowl era (since 1967).

The Las Vegas Raiders' best first-round NFL draft picks have gone on to the Hall of Fame. Players like Tim Brown, Marcus Allen, Ray Guy, and Gene Upshaw, some of the best NFL players of all time, are ideal result of a team approaching the NFL draft right.

Of course, they can't all be hits, and the Oakland Raiders are the franchise that took JaMarcus Russell number 1 overall in 2007, one of the biggest NFL draft flops ever.

But with three Super Bowl victories in their history, four Hall of Famers, an MVP, and numerous Pro Bowlers, all the Las Vegas Raiders' first-round draft picks have helped build one of the NFL's most storied franchises.

So who has been the top first-round draft pick in Raiders history? The stats below reflect only players' time spent with the Raiders (either in Las Vegas or Los Angeles), and that's what you should consider when voting. How much did these players help the team that drafted them?

Most divisive: Nnamdi Asomugha
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  • Marcus Allen
    49 votes

    Overall selection: 10 (1982)

    145 games played, 8,545 rushing yards (79 touchdowns), 4,258 receiving yards (18 touchdowns)

    2003 Hall of Fame inductee
    1985 NFL MVP
    1985 Offensive Player of the Year
    1982 NFL Rookie of the Year
    5-time Pro Bowl selection (1982, 1984-1987)
    2-time first-team All-Pro (1982, 1985)
    Super Bowl XVIII champion
    Super Bowl XVIII MVP

  • Gene Upshaw
    45 votes

    Overall selection: 17 (1967)

    217 games played, 5 fumble recoveries

    1987 Hall of Fame inductee
    7-time Pro Bowl selection (1968, 1972-1977)
    5-time first-team All-Pro (1968-1970, 1974, 1977)
    2-time Super Bowl champion (Super Bowl X, Super Bowl XV)

  • Ray Guy

    Ray Guy

    48 votes

    Overall selection: 23 (1973)

    207 games played, 1,049 punts (44,493 yards, 42.4 yards/punt)

    2014 Hall of Fame inductee
    7-time Pro Bowl selection (1973-1978, 1980)
    3-time first-team All-Pro selection
    3-time Super Bowl champion (Super Bowl X, Super Bowl XV, Super Bowl XVIII)

  • Jack Tatum
    45 votes

    Overall selection: 19 (1971)

    120 games, 30 interceptions, 8 fumble recoveries (1 touchdown)

    3-time Pro Bowl selection (1973-1975)
    Super Bowl X champion

  • Don Mosebar
    29 votes

    Overall selection: 26 (1983)

    173 games played, 3 fumble recoveries

    3-time Pro Bowl selection (1986, 1990-1991)
    Super Bowl XVIII champion

  • Sebastian Janikowski

    Sebastian Janikowski

    46 votes

    Overall selection: 17 (2000)

    268 games played, 414-for-515 field goals (80.4 percent), 557-for-563 extra points (98.9 percent)

    2011 Pro Bowl selection
    All-time franchise scoring leader (1,799 points)