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The Best Fish Pokémon, Ranked

List RulesVote up your favorite fish and other aquatic water-type Pokémon. And yes, seahorses are technically fish.

All the greatest fish Pokémon, ranked by Poké fans everywhere. It’s not every day you catch a fish (Pokémon). The unofficial B-team of the bunch, these fish Pokémon are a lot cooler than you might think. But what constitutes a fish Pokémon, you might ask? Well, anything that resembles or looks like a fish. That means sharks, seahorses, and even electric eels like Eelektross can all be included.

For when you need a good water type, these fishy characters are always there to save the day. But while some fish Pokémon, like Goldeen and Alomomola, are downright adorable, others are sort of ugly. (Sorry, Elektrik, but you scary.) Who’s your favorite fish Pokémon?

Vote up all the best fish Pokémon from every generation, and if your favorite fish is missing, add them to the list below!