The Best Fish Things That Are Not Really Fish

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Vote up the greatest fish-related people/movies/bands/foods/things. No living fish species, and no Phish.

Ranker has fish in the office. They are real fish with real bodies and real lives, real dreams, and real heartbreak. This list doesn't include fish living in fish bodies, but instead, people, movies, bands, foods, and other things that have "fish" in their names. Some examples of these things are: Swedish Fish, A Fish Called Wanda, and Laurence Fishburne. Also Go Fish, the game. Also that band Fishbone that was on "Saturday Night Live" once in the '90s. As far as real fish bodies go, there are are few foods that include fish meat, like fish tacos, which are pretty good, and crawfish (or crayfish, if you prefer [but not crawdads]), which aren't really fish, but are still called that. Also Goldfish, which are not fish at all, but cracker snacks. Please add other fish-type things that are missing, and vote up your favorites. Don't forget that Albert Fish was a serial killer!

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