The Best Fictional Fixers In Movies And TV, Ranked By Whether You'd Hire Them To Clean Up Your Mess

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Crime is a messy business, which is why every good criminal has a great Fixer in their contacts. A Fixer is someone you hire when things go wrong. They'll clean up any mess you leave behind, for a price. These are the people who can make a body disappear forever, or erase any trace you may have left behind at a crime scene. They're professionals, and they usually act like it.

Not all Fixers are criminals, however. Sometimes they are just people who can make the impossible happen. Cinema history is full of iconic fixers, men and women who have managed to skate by on the edge of laws and probability, and looked awesome while doing it. Everyone has different needs though. Who would you hire if you needed a Fixer to save your skin?

  • Winston 'The Wolf' Wolfe (Pulp Fiction)
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    Who Is He: An associate of Marcellus Wallace renowned for his skills as a crime scene fixer.

    What Did He Fix: After Vince and Jules shot Marvin in the face, the Wolf was called in to clean up the mess left behind in the car they were driving.

    Notable Accomplishments: Managed to dispose of the car within an extremely limited window of time. 

    Professional Failures: None.

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  • Mike Ehrmantraut (Breaking Bad)
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    Who Is He: A former Philadelphia police officer turned New Mexico crime fixer, Mike worked to clean up scenes for Gus Fring and then later Walter White.

    What Did He Fix Disposed of several bodies including that of Drew Sharp and Victor. Wiped evidence off of Gus Fring's laptop after it was confiscated by the police. 

    Notable Accomplishments: Continued to pay his men even after they were all arrested.

    Professional Failures: Underestimated Walter White.

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  • Ray Donovan (Ray Donovan)
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    Who Is He: A Los Angeles-based lawyer and cleaner. 

    What Did She Fix: Regularly cleans up crimes committed by the rich and powerful, usually through bribery, threats, and other criminal tactics. 

    Notable Accomplishments: Manages to keep his dysfunctional family together despite his own issues. 

    Professional Failures: Is constantly targeted by the FBI. 

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  • Who Is He: A ruthless mafia hitman. 

    What Did He Fix: Was hired by the mafia to track and end the lives of three low-level criminals who robbed a mafia poker game. 

    Notable Accomplishments: Makes an effort to slay all of his targets in such a way that they don't experience any pain or fear. Is successful in ending all three of his targets. 

    Professional Failures: Hired a well respected hitman, Mickey Fallon, to assist in the hit. Fallon proves to have been a mistake, and Jackie is forced to do the job himself. 

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    Victor Nettoyeur (La Femme Nikita) 

    Victor Nettoyeur (La Femme Nikita) 
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    Who Is He: A cleaner for The Centre, a French government agency that employs assassins. 

    What Did He Fix: Sent in to clean up a document-theft mission gone wrong and slay anyone involved. 

    Notable Accomplishments: Exceptionally ruthless and capable. 

    Professional Failures: Is slain when an operative turns on him. Nikita takes his place. 

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    Victor (Point of No Return)

    Who Is He: A professional slayer and cleaner for a shady spy organization. 

    What Did He Fix: Sent in to fix a botched slaying by Maggie Hayward, someone relatviely new at the job. 

    Notable Accomplishments: Was a highly successful cleaner and spent years as a successful slayer.

    Professional Failures: Was taken down by Maggie in his attempt to end her life. 

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