The Best Flannel Shirt Brands

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No closet is complete without at least one flannel shirt. And if you had to pick just one brand, you'd want to pick the best, right? Exactly! That's why we've created this list of the best flannel shirt brands. They're not just for lumberjacks and ice fisherman anymore!

You can style a flannel shirt in so many ways! Ladies, dress it up by tucking it into a pencil skirt, or dress it down with short shorts. Guys, wear it completely buttoned up with a bow tie, or leave it open over a plain white tee. What's more, it's really good to have one on hand if you ever get invited to a '90s-themed party! Just wrap it around your waist! 

Brands like J. Crew, Old Navy, and Madewell make amazing flannel shirts for women. And Vans, RCVA, and Billabong have been making the best flannel shirts for men for years. Don't see a brand that absolutely needs to be on this list? Just add it! 

Why wear a plain shirt when you can rock a flannel one? Check out our list of the best flannel shirt brands. Vote up the brand that makes you feel (and look) great.
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