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The 30+ Biggest Anime Flirts of All Time

Updated 1 Oct 2019 23.0k votes 3.5k voters 24.2k views

When it comes to flirty anime characters, the ones you see on this list take the cake. There's a fine line between anime perverts and anime flirts, but many of these characters live in that gray area. Who's your favorite anime flirt of all time? Obviously there are pervy flirts like Sanji and Jiraiya, but there are many more subtle anime flirts that deserve recognition. Before you assume that all these characters are male, don't forget about the female anime flirts that exist, like Blair from Soul Eater, Rangiku from Bleach, and of course Haruko from FLCL. If your favorite anime flirt isn't on the list, add them! That way, other fans can vote that character up too and push it closer to being #1 on this ranked poll.

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