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The Best Country Singers From Florida

List RulesOnly country singers born or raised in Florida.

Florida has played a vital role in the formation of many musical genres over the years. Several notable country stars were born or raised in the Sunshine State. Jake Owen, who had an album reach the number one slot on the Billboard 200, was born in Winter Haven. Mel Tillis, a prominent country star of the 20th century, came from Florida as well as his daughter, Pam Tillis. There is just something about growing up in a state with a lot of sunshine that produces a lot of musical talent. These artists barely scratch the surface of all the most famous country singers from Florida out there. 

People from all over the United States travel to Florida each year to show their appreciation for country music by attending the Tortuga Music Festival. The biggest names in country music have played at this event, which takes place every year in Fort Lauderdale. There's obviously a big appreciation for country in Florida, and it's a real treat for fans to see artists play a venue in the state they grew up in. 

There are plenty of popular Florida country singers to choose from. Which ones do you like best? Let your opinion be known and vote for your favorite acts below. 

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List Rules: Only country singers born or raised in Florida.