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What's the Best Florida Movie of All Time?

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List RulesMovies must be set in Florida, rather than simply filmed in Florida.

Say what you will about Florida, but the state has been the subject of quite a few hit films. Whether a Florida movie sets itself within the happening Miami nightlife or shows the darker side of Florida in general, the films on this list are all worth checking out. In fact, some are even considered among the best movies of all time. From new drama films to classic thrillers, these movies set in Florida span a range of genres. 

Though much of the movie was actually filmed in California, the ever-entertaining crime drama Scarface has got to be one of the best Florida movies. A little crime, a little drama; this is a incredible movie regardless of where it's set. Then you have some early classics like It Happened One Night—a 1930's romantic comedy—as well as Where the Boys Are. Looking for a new Florida movie? The award-winning, coming-of-age film Moonlight is certainly one for the books, but if you want something a bit... different, you might give Spring Breakers a try. In short, if it's a Florida movie you're after, there are plenty of good ones—and you'll find the best of them right here.

What's the best Florida movie? Check out the list of movies set in Florida below and vote up your top choices, or those you think depict the Sunshine State best. 

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