The Best Florida State Football Players of All Time

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When you think of the pantheon of iconic college football programs, the Florida State Seminoles. The school is widely known for dominating college football for a span beginning in the late 1980s through the early 2000s. Behind legendary coach Bobby Bowden, the Noles maintained a home in the top-5 of the polls. Despite falling off at the end of Bowden's reign, this era produced some of the greatest players in Florida State history. The school became a de-factor feeding factory for the NFL, with a slew of first round draft picks and a number of other players who became fixtures in the pros.

The Seminoles have won three national championships, seventeen conference titles, and five division titles. The program has also produced three Heisman Trophy winners, and one NEON DEION. Sanders inspired the Tomahawk Chop, one of the most popular cheers that's associated with a particular school. On top of Deion, quarterbacks Charlie Ward, Chris Weinke and recently, Jameis Winston, are all in an elite group of Heisman Trophy winners who also took a national title back to Tallahassee. 

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