The Best TV Shows Set In Florida

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Florida, Miami in particular, catches the imagination when it comes to television series. It's not just that Florida knows how to make a great headline, but the mix of people, tropical weather, wildlife, and wilder nightlife makes it a great setting for shows. If you're from Florida and are missing home or are curious about what Florida cities other than Miami are portrayed on-screen, this list of the best shows set in Florida can be your tour guide.

Let's get the big Miami TV shows out of the way first: Miami Vice is not only titular, but it also defined an era. Dexter, Nip/Tuck, The Golden Girls, and Jane the Virgin all also benefitted from the sunny, kind of strange world that surrounds Miami and the Florida Keys. But there are other shows set in Florida that aren't also set in Miami - though there aren't many. Fresh Off The Boat is set in Orlando while Cougar Town is set in a fictional city in the very real Sarasota County.

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