The Best Fly Fishing Rivers in the World

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What are the top river destinations for fly fishing in the world? This list ranks the best fly fishing rivers on earth. Though fly fishing is largely associated with North American fishing, fly fishing has been introduced in other parts of the world including Spain, Europe, South America, and Asia, and all these countries have beautiful rivers that provide excellent fly fishing. 

In Europe, fly fishing rivers are plentiful in Spain and Great Britain though the two countries aren't often thought of as some of the world's best fly fishing destinations. In Spain, however, the Pyrenees Mountains offer some of the best Spanish rivers for salmon and trout fly fishing. And fly fishing in England is a must for a classic, quaint, countryside fishing experience.

Different countries offer diverse fly fishing experiences. Trout is a popular fly fishing species including the rainbow trout and the brown trout. Another top fly fishing species is the river bass, and carp is popular among more advanced fly fishers since they are larger and can be a trickier catch. 

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