The Best Folk Artists Of 2022

Looking to update your latest playlists with the best folk artists of 2022? Then we've got you covered. From Grammy Award-winning British folk rock band Mumford & Sons to legendary singer-songwriters Alison Krauss and Father John Misty, this year's talented roster of folk musicians features both vocalists and instrumentalists across Americana, country, rock, bluegrass, progressive folk, indie, pop, alternative, punk, neofolk, and freakfolk music. Indie folk trailblazing group The Lumineers recently released their fourth studio album BRIGHTSIDE, and pop superstar Taylor Swift continues to thrive from the evermore and folklore sister records (who knows what other projects she's got up her cardigan sleeves). 

Which trending folk musicians are you most excited to see live, and whose records are you currently listening to? Vote below for the best folk artists of 2022, and be sure to also check out their latest music releases.