The Best Folk Horror Movies That Will Scare The Folk Out Of You

Good folk horror movies blend folklore, religion, nature, rituals, and rural settings to create a sense of enduring dread and fear in the audience. You might get a few jump scares but you're most likely to experience a slow burn horror film with these movies. The Witch is a prime example of a folk horror movie that establishes the lore that is very much a part of the characters' daily lives and it builds to deliver an ending that is both unsettling and ominous. The Wicker Man is a classic example of folk horror that also relies on the strength of its desolate and rural setting to keep the audience glued to the screen until the satisfying and horrifying ending. Now it's time to determine the best folk horror movie of all time.

Vote up your favorite scary folk films and vote down the ones that you think other fans should skip. Then be sure to check back as new and upcoming folk horror movies are added to the list.