The Best Folk Songs Of 2018

UPDATED: Check out the best new folk songs of 2019!

Here are the best new folk songs of 2018. Featuring indie folk, folk pop, and acoustic songs, 2018 folk music has everything you want to hear. What are the best folk songs of the year? Help decide below! 

With so much talent on the folk scene, many songs stood out in 2018. This list is a comprehensive catalog of all the recent folk from this year. From the newest folk songs to top the charts to more obscure folk songs from lesser-known artists, browse this list below if you're in need of new music. 

Vote your favorite songs to the top of the list, and feel free to add anything you think is missing! 

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  • Come Down

    Come Down

    67 votes
  • Hold My Girl

    Hold My Girl

    71 votes
  • I Followed a Bird

    I Followed a Bird

    16 votes
  • Shotgun


    51 votes
  • I'm With You

    I'm With You

    51 votes
  • Young And Free

    Young And Free

    46 votes