The Tastiest Flavor Combinations in All of Food-dom

In the culinary world, there are some food combos that are simply non-brainers. Flavors like chocolate and peanut butter or macaroni and cheese just make sense. The moment you put them on your tongue, you get it. Proper food combining can take years to master, but it’s one of the most fun ways to learn your way around the kitchen. You basically get to eat a bunch of odd combinations of foods and flavors and see what works the best. For instance, if you want to try salmon and coriander, go ahead and knock yourself out. The following list is a collection of some of the tastiest food combinations in all of the culinary world.

Some of the best food combinations are the most unexpected. It isn’t immediately apparent that chicken and waffles or lemon zest and parsley would pair so well together, until you take them out for a spin. Food combination is a science, so if you’re going to go willy nilly in your kitchen, please know that there are some food combining rules and you probably shouldn’t start jamming stuff into your mouth just to see what it tastes like. That kind of food combining is the quickest way to an upset stomach and a bad taste in your mouth.

Read through this list of the best taste pairings in the world to get an idea of what food combining is and then vote up your favorite food combinations. If you don’t see a pairing you know for a fact is delicious and life-changing, be sure to add it to the list for the benefit of food lovers everywhere.
Ranked by
  • Bread + Butter
    2,500 votes

    Bread + Butter

  • Macaroni + Cheese
  • Butter + Popcorn
    2,365 votes

    Butter + Popcorn

  • Cereal + Milk
    1,856 votes

    Cereal + Milk

  • Chips + Salsa
    1,891 votes

    Chips + Salsa

  • Crackers + Cheese
    1,718 votes

    Crackers + Cheese