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The Best Food Fights In Movies, Ranked By How Much You Want To Join

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List RulesVote up the food fights that you wouldn't mind wading into.

Given how many food fights break out in film, you'd think they'd occur more regularly in real life. In that way, they're like neighbors that never knock or concussions that leave no lasting injuries: enduring film and TV tropes that will simply never end. 

Many filmic conflicts  begin the same way: characters will be having a pleasant meal together, someone will lob an entree, or pie, and after a moment of surprise, someone else will scream, "FOOD FIGHT!" Hook's food fight, Animal House's food fight, and even Bratz's food fight all follow these conventions. And it looks like the actors have a blast doing it.

Enjoy the following food fights from beloved films, and vote up which ones you'd like to join.

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    Who's Fighting? The Lost Boys of Neverland

    How Does It Start? After a montage of unsuccessful attempts at jogging Peter Pan's memory, the Lost Boys sit down to a pretend meal. When Peter engages in a battle of insults with the Lost Boys' de facto leader, Rufio, he caps it off by pretending to fling food at the boy. This turns the meal real, and it's not long before the boys are all flinging food at each other.

    How Big's The Mess? It covers an entire dining table, and all the Lost Boys, in colorful puddings, desserts, and fruits. 

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    Who's Fighting? Bluto (John Belushi) and a bunch of stuffy Omega boys.

    How Does It Start? After pretending to be a zit and spitting mashed potatoes all over the Omegas, Bluto is chased through the food court. He then announces, "Food fight!" and everyone promptly complies.

    How Big's The Mess? Big enough to cover Bluto's escape.

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    Who's Fighting? The punks and the preps.

    How Does It Start? After tussling with Tommy, the high school bully, Randy (Nicholas Cage) takes Julie (Deborah Foreman) in hand and tries to leave the prom. Tommy takes a pie to the face and Randy starts a food fight to cover their escape.

    How Big's The Mess? It's unclear, but the food appears to be mostly popcorn, so not too major.

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    Who's Fighting? An entire middle school

    How Does It Start? Max (Alex D. Linz) launches some mashed potatoes at a fellow student, then pins it on another kid. Things escalate from there.

    How Big's The Mess? Significant. What begins as a food throwing fracas quickly shifts into all-out cafeteria blitz.

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