The Best Food Travelogue TV Shows

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Vote up the best TV shows that blend food and travel.

There's something captivating about non-fiction TV that allows even seemingly boring subjects to pull you in and hold your attention episode after episode, and it is especially true with food travel shows. While most of us don't lead a life that allows us to travel to exotic countries and eat whatever random and delicious food is being sold on the street, whenever food and travel shows come on TV there's few of us who can resist the hunger to tune in. The best food and travel TV shows are a mix of delicious HD food porn, quirky hosts that know their spices, and wish-fulfillment that involves seeing all the places you'll never visit and the five-star meals you'll never eat. Simply put, food travelogue series makes us feel good (and hungry) and the best ones are just plain old entertaining TV.

So whether you're flipping through the Food Network on a day off, burning hours at a time on Netflix, going around the world thanks to all of Zimmern's Travel Channel food shows, or actively seeking out and sharing clips of your favorite food and travel shows online, there's no denying that the top food travelogue shows can make us salivate in front of our TVs and keep us there until well past dinner. So go on and fire up the grill, enjoy a quick and easy sushi meal while traveling down an ancient river, eat all the street food in the world without worrying about getting sick, and rank the best food and travel shows ever. 

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