The Best Foods for Acid Reflux

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List of the best foods to eat if you have acid reflux. Acid reflux is a condition in which your lower esophageal sphincter closes as soon as food passes through, trapping acid in the esophagus. This causes uncomfortable heartburn after most every meal. Since this disease is often connected to your diet and weight, it’s important to treat acid reflux with the right choice in food. There are plenty of foods from every type of food group that combat acid reflux and the uncomfortable symptoms that acid reflux causes. These foods are also healthy food choices so you can lose weight and therefore ensure that you don’t get acid reflux symptoms again.

What are your favorite foods to prevent acid reflux? If you’re a fan of sweet fruit, it’s best to stay away from citrus. However, peaches, pears, apples, and melons have low PH scores, so they’re safe to eat with acid reflux. Vegetables, grains, and a few dairy products are also secure to eat when attempting to prevent acid reflux. It’s important to stay away from most dairy products, though, save for the ones on this list of foods to prevent acid reflux.

This list has the top foods to eat if you currently suffer from acid reflux or wish to prevent it in the future. These foods will prevent heartburn, difficulty swallowing, and other symptoms. If your favorite foods for acid refulx sufferers isn't on the list of best acid reflux foods, make sure to add it.

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