The Best Foods for Clear Skin

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Diet has a lot to do with your skin type. If you have oily, acne-prone skin, it could be due to the sort of foods you eat, including fried food and alcohol. Even rosacea can be caused by a blush-prone diet. In order to get your skin clearer, you need to change your diet by adding foods that are good for your skin into your diet. Supplementing your bad diet choices with good ones is important to getting clear skin. What types of foods can give you clear skin? We have created a list of the best food for clear skin, as ranked by dermatologists, food science professionals, and food enthusiasts.

Fish of all types have omega-3 fish oils which are great for providing the skin with essential oils that keep it clear. Other nutrients like fiber, antioxidants, zinc, and selenium are necessary for clearing your skin of any issues. Foods made of white grains, like white bread and pasta, are bad for your skin, so you can swap them with whole grains. Dark berries and vegetables are also known for having positive effects on the skin. This list also includes the top meals, snacks, and drinks to ensure you have clear skin. A change in diet may actually be more effective than most skincare lines. If you know of a food that promotes clear skin that isn't on the list, make sure to add it.


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