The Best Foods for Nausea

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List of the best food for nausea, as ranked by health care professionals and Ranker users. Nausea is an uncomfortable feeling of queasiness that can be tough to deal with. There are plenty of causes of nausea, including medication side effects, pregnancy, bad smells, motion sickness, and other illnesses.Nausea can lead to vomiting and dehydration over time. While there are medications that can control the discomfort from nausea, many medications have side effects that are worse than the nausea and therefore not worth it.However, if you change your diet, you can control your nausea and go back to having a comfortable, healthy stomach.

When you’re feeling nauseous, your instinct may be not to eat at all and just sleep it off. Unfortunately, not eating can make nausea worse, so it’s important to eat small amounts of the right kind of food. The best foods for treating nausea are not too hot or spicy. Warm soup with crackers is a good queasiness cure. Cool or cold foods are also helpful for your stomach, such as yogurt, popsicles, and cold beverages.

What are the best foods for nausea? This list features the top foods that won’t further upset your stomach and will quell the uncomfortable feeling of nausea. If you know of any foods to aid nausea that aren't on this list of the top foods for nausea, make sure to add them.

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