The Best Foods for Runners

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List of the best foods for runners, as ranked by running enthusiasts. As people who enjoy running and do so regularly know, you can’t truly do your best on a run without the right fuel. The food you consume before a run will act as the gas that will keep you going during your trek. By eating unhealthy foods before a run you may end up feeling sick, with massive cramps,and unable to finish running. If you want to complete a successful run, the key is to eat the right food first.

The best way to guarantee a great run is by stocking up on essential nutrients from antioxidants like vitamin E to potassium. Plenty of fruits, vegetables, and healthy carbs are filled with the vitamins, nutrients, and minerals that will properly prepare you for a run. Protein-rich foods such as eggs, almonds, and beans are also a great way to fuel up.

What are the best foods for runners? If you want to compete in a race, run a marathon, or just go for a jog around the park, you need to make sure that your body can handle the run. A strong, healthy diet is the top way to prepare for any type of run. If you don't see your favorite pre-run foods on this list of foods for runners, make sure to add them.

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