The Best Foods to Buy Organic

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List of the best foods to buy organic, as ranked by organic food lovers. Organic foods are those grown without the use of chemical pesticides and herbicides. Many shoppers reach for organic foods due to perceived health benefits, but the organic label also leads to a higher price tag. How do you know when it’s worth it to buy organic rather than conventionally grown foods? If you are trying to avoid eating foods grown using pesticides, there are certain crops, meats, and other food items you'll want to buy organic.

The foods featured on this list are the most likely to be grown using pesticides or other chemicals. Fruits and vegetables get sprayed with pesticides to guarantee they aren’t eaten up by small bugs by the time they make it to the store. Fatty meats have chemicals that keep the product from spoiling.

What are the best foods to buy organic? If you go down to your local farmers market or grocery store, the foods on this list are the ones worth paying extra for the organic label. If you know of any foods that should be bought organic that aren't on this foods to buy organic list, make sure to add them.

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