The Best Foods to Eat Before a Workout

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List of the best foods to eat before a workout, as ranked by personal trainers and food lovers. Going into a workout without first fueling your body with healthy food is a huge mistake. If your body doesn’t get the proper food before a tough workout, you could end up really hurting yourself,especially since food can give you the energy to truly go all out. However, you can’t eat just anything before a workout. You don’t want to go into a workout with a full stomach because it can make exercising uncomfortable. Also, if you consume too many calories before the workout, exercising won’t burn off more than you ate, which is counterproductive.

When choosing a pre-workout meal, it’s important to find the right balance of food. In order to stop fatigue, you should eat something with protein and healthy carbs. Foods with nutrients, antioxidants, and minerals will ensure that your body doesn’t suffer from post-workout pain and inflammation in your joints. As long as you eat a healthy snack or meal before your workout, you can guarantee that you’ll be strong enough to enjoy the exercising.

What are the best foods to eat before a workout? The foods featured on this list will give you all the energy and nutrients needed to have a successful workout, without leaving you feeling uncomfortably full. If you know of foods that are good to eat before a workout that you don't see listed on the top foods to eat before a workout list, make sure to add them.

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