Which Foods Go Best With Pepsi Wild Cherry?

All you really need is a Pepsi Wild Cherry and you're good to go. But if you're feeling more than thirsty, you can really augment the Wild Cherry experience with some excellent foods. Do you remember those Pepsi commercials that stated "Sandwiches: Better With Pepsi?" It's hard to find fault with that. There were a few more examples, including carne asada. Again, you'll find no argument here. With that being said, this list is specifically about he best foods to pair with Pepsi Wild Cherry.

Vote up the items that you think make a great pair with an ice cold Pepsi Wild Cherry. The best part about this list is that you can vote for all your favorites, not just one. Then be sure to check back to see which items are at the top, after your friends have had a vote.

Ranked by
  • Burger


    20 votes

    The only bad burger is the one you didn't eat!

  • Pizza
    23 votes

    Sip on some Wild Cherry Pepsi to really savor your 'za.

  • Tacos
    18 votes

    Pair it with Wild Cherry Pepsi for a meal that goes down suavemente!

  • Sandwich
    17 votes

    There's nothing like munching on some sandos and sipping on some soda pop!

  • French Fries
    17 votes

    Keep your eyes on the fries!

  • Hot dog
    14 votes

    Watching the ballgame? Hit a home run with a hot dog in one hand and a Cherry Pepsi in the other!