The Best Former NFL Players Turned Actors

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While football is. first and foremost, a sport, it is also a form of entertainment, complete with a range of personalities. So it probably should not be a big surprise that many NFL players have pursued an acting career - once their playing days have come to an end. Or sometimes even while they are still playing.

Take Jim Brown, the Hall of Fame running back who became a movie star by starring in the “blaxploitation” films of the 1970s. Or Merlin Olsen, who went from fierce Hall of Fame defensive lineman to starring in his own television series (Father Murphy) after being Michael Landon's sidekick on one of the most popular shows of the 1970s and early 1980s (Little House on the Prairie).

But it's not just Hall of Famers who have found success as actors. Carl Weathers is likely far more known for portraying Apollo Creed in the Rocky films than he is for his brief NFL career. Terry Crews likewise is better known for his acting career than he is for his time as a professional football player. Then there's Nnamdi Asomugha, a former All-Pro defensive back who Variety named one of a handful of breakout stars in for his performance in the film Crown Heights.

Of course not every former NFL player who has pursued an acting career has gone on to have success. More of these players will be known for doing cameos as themselves or appearing in commercials than would be considered true movie or TV stars. Still, there have been some true success stories. So, out of the following list of former NFL players, which have gone on to have the best acting careers?