The Best Foreign Films Of 2022

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Vote up your favorite foreign language films that were released in the US in 2022.

You're going to want to add the best foreign movies of 2022 to your watch list. If you're excited about foreign science fiction films, definitely do your best to catch The Pink Cloud. If The Pink Cloud hits too close to home, maybe you'll like the drama A Hero currently streaming on Amazon Prime or Sundown starring Tim Roth. No matter your genre preference, this list of the best 2022 foreign language films has got you covered. And if you love scary international movies, you're sure to be happy with the Finnish language body horror film Hatching. This year is shaping up to be a great on for international films.

Now it's time to vote up your favorite foreign films so other cinema heads know what to watch next, vote down any that you think they should skip, and be sure to check back as new and upcoming foreign films are added to the list once they're released.

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