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The Best Episodes of Forensic Files

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Forensic Files examines the many ways forensic science is used to solve crimes and mysterious occurrences. The best episodes of Forensic Files often feature DNA evidence as a tool in catching a killer. Some good episodes of Forensic Files also find investigators matching fabric samples or strands of hair with elements of a crime.

What are the best episodes of Forensic Files? “Last Will,” from season seven is a fan favorite. It finds investigators uncovering an imprint of a phone number on a notepad to track a kidnapper and murderer. “Something's Fishy” is another engaging episode of Forensic Files.

“Speck of Evidence” is another good episode from Forensic Files as is “Signed, Sealed, Delivered,” which finds investigators using forensic science to link a pair of deadly crimes.

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  • Video: YouTube
    Seventeen-year-old Shari Faye Smith was abducted in broad daylight, in front of her own home. The kidnapper tormented her family with phone calls, leading them to believe Shari was alive -- and then they received a letter he'd forced Shari to write, her 'last will and testament'. This document would lead investigators to Shari's killer, a fitting postscript to a heinous crime.  ...more
    • Season: Forensic Files - Season 7
    • Original Airing: Jan 29 2003
    • Episode Number: 42
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    The List Murders

    Video: YouTube
    For 18 years, a man who murdered his entire family successfully eluded the FBI. This episode describes how investigators used art and forensic science to catch a killer.
    • Season: Forensic Files - Season 1
    • Episode Number: 96
    • Series: Forensic Files
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  • Video: YouTube
    For more than a decade, women in a small Louisiana city lived in fear of a serial rapist. Fortunately, computer technology and behavioral science combined to give police a new forensic tool: geographical profiling. Police narrow their search to one man, but to prove he’s the perpetrator they turn to an unlikely piece of evidence--- a discarded cigarette butt.  ...more
    • Season: Forensic Files - Season 4
    • Original Airing: Sep 12 2000
    • Episode Number: 1
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  • Video: YouTube
    Two people in Seattle, Washington died after taking an over-the-counter pain reliever; lab analysis of the pills showed they were tainted with a lethal concentration of cyanide. The investigation which followed led police to a suspect with a motive for murder and a callous disregard for others. Medical Detectives, Season 2, Ep 9.  ...more
    • Season: Forensic Files - Season 2
    • Original Airing: Dec 04 1997
    • Episode Number: 9
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