21 Forgotten '80s Movies That Still Totally Rock



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The 1980s were a golden age in cinema for most cinephiles striving today. With a wide array of genre-defining movies, performances, and ideas seemingly coming out every week, there was no shortage of revolutionary ideas coming out of Hollywood during this time. Of course, with so many massive and influential films being released, it stands to reason that there were more than a few that would slip through the cracks of the mainstream and be lost in time. These forgotten 80s movies may not have the shine of nostalgia about them, but they are still remarkable films that deserve their time in the sun. 

From nonstop action thrill rides that will send audiences on adventures of a lifetime in movies like Big Trouble in Little China and Tango & Cash to uproarious comedies that will leave viewers in stitches in films like Real Genius and Night Shift to intense and masterfully crafted dramas that tragically got lost in time with films like A Fish Called Wanda and After Hours, these forgotten 80s movies are must watch for any cinephiles looking to increase their watched film catalogs. Dive deep into the weird, wacky, and superb storytelling of the 80s in films that tragically have been forgotten by time, but deserve to be remembered. 

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