Amazing Horror Films From The '90s Most People Overlooked

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The '90s was almost 20 years ago, and while most of us remember that shocking twist in The Sixth Sense and probably still have Hannibal Lecter-themed nightmares, there are a whole bunch of horror movies everyone forgot about. Which is a shame, because horror movies were the crown jewel of the '90s.

The '90s was a special point in time for horror – the point at which CGI was transitioning to software that made gore so believable it was actually kind of scarring. Remember, the Internet and modern-day special effects hadn't yet desensitized us to the point where the insane gore in modern films like Hostel and Saw are a cake walk. Not to mention how the onset of technology affected the plots of '90s films. Characters no longer had to rely on strange occult book stores and pop-up shop psychics to solve their ghostly woes. They finally had cellphones (albeit brick-sized ones) and the Internet to use in their paranormal research.

The best horror movies from the '90s prove that the era practically perfected the art of the slasher film. Films like Cube flip the genre on its head by making single-location horror effectively creepy and Ringu taught us that viral horror could seep into pop culture giving horror films another layer of terror

These '90s horror films were more or less overlooked during their release but will live-on forever for those who truly care about quality horror.